Cryptocurrencies rising high, aside from Bitcoin!

Cryptocurrencies rising high, aside from Bitcoin!

Every since cryptocurrency has set foot in the market, Bitcoin has been a star. Even the beginners are well familiar with Bitcoin currencies and even few restaurants got set up in few regions which trade in the format of bitcoins. With bitcoin making a place in the mode of payments, the popularity of the trend is no secret. You might not have heard of other few cryptocurrencies which are playing their cards and soon will reach the height where bitcoin is right now! With technology rising and entrepreneurial community taking the lead in its hands blockchain and cryptocurrency is catching the pace with time by creating the currencies in the form of coins and technology. The biggest such name making the way through is Etherium which is backed up by huge daddies in the techno market such as Microsoft, Samsung, JP Morgan Chase to name a few.

Below are mentioned few cryptocurrencies worth looking out for:

Stratis– This cryptocurrency is emerging as a powerful blockchain development platform. They recently have started getting a huge support from big companies like Microsoft, aiming to become a one-stop shop for all the things one might desire essentially in a desire to become a BAAS platform. Although they look much alike to Etherium in concepts and yet are different from each other. Stratis runs on the Bitcoin Blockchain but it starts making a difference by giving the developers a platform to code in C# which widens up many opportunities for application and all other developers. It is rumoured that soon Stratis is about to launch a breeze wallet which would modernize and customize the definition of transactional privacy by revolutionising it. Stratis is matching the supply level to Etherium and this could easily give you an idea where could Stratis soon reach in pricings.

Ripple– It is a very interesting platform the blockchain has provided to let banks interact with each other without any middleman or a point of control and can become a source to revolutionize the banking. The Ripple and the token it provides called XRP has been long criticized for not having the currency and technology not truly connected and this has resulted in a major drawback of the currency. This technology has not launched its own personal wallet yet, as soon as these two issues resolve, Ripple will reach heights quicker than a squirrel reaching the peak of a tree.


Name is Fleta, fall into the crypto space randomly in 2012 after a friend introduced me into it. Been kind of an addict ever since, riding the ups and downs into this amazing financial revolution journey!